I am currently editing a Forum on Child Sensitive Social Protection at the Global Social Policy Journal with contributions from World Bank, UNICEF, Save the Children, and Institute of Development Stuides

I am in a process of submitting a proposal to research sex and gender issues amongst Pakistani communities in the UK through a Research Centre that I set up.

I am mentoring students at Universities who are aiming to pursue a career in International Development.

I submitted a concept note to prevent Child Marriages in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

I wrote a proposal to evaluate a DFID's Girl Education Fund in Afghanistan looking at access and quality with a focus on VfM. 

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Ritu M. Lewis, PhD.

Policy and Research Expert

International Development




International Development Professional, Freelance Journalist and Mentor


I am an author, international development professional and a journalist. I have travelled across Asia and Africa leading policy and research assignments. I have designed national and global level programmes and MEAL systems. My areas of expertise are social protection, child poverty, sexual and gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, race relations.

With an empathetic cast of mind and paying special attention to people‚Äôs stories, words and voices, I have recorded and presented photographic and textual documentaries that often struggled to be told.

I have learnt that emotions play a significant role when telling and/or sharing a story. It constitutes social identities and political communities, - understanding emotions are central to how conflicts are generated, viewed and experienced. I am interested in understanding how survivors deal with emotionally tensed process and make sense of their lives. What are the internal and external factors (both social and psychological) that shape survivors' identities whether you are a migrant, Dalit, poor, girl, woman, person living with a disability and identify yourself with social categories related to the systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination.